Stop Rhinos In India From Being Killed!

Subject: Stop Rhinos In India From Being Killed!
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Rhinos in India are being gunned down and killed for their commercially valuable horns. If this illegal poaching continues unchecked, these animals will soon be on the path to extinction.
Please sign the petition today! Tell India To Implement A Rhino Conservation Plan
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Greater one-horned rhinos are the second largest rhino species and can be found in India and Nepal. But despite some conservation success in the past, these rhinos are once again facing threats of extinction. Just last year, 21 rhinos were killed in India's national parks. Add your voice to help end the illegal killing of rhinos.

The IUCN Survival Commission has provided recommendations for a conservation plan to increase protection for rhinos in India. Join us in asking the government of India to move forward with the plan to protect rhinos from harm.

Poaching continues to be a threat, so we all need to show our support for a conservation plan to ensure these creatures are not hunted to extinction!

Tell the Indian government to stop the slaughter of rhinos before it's too late.


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Roseanne C.
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